how to enroll in benefits via the portal. 

Steps to complete

Step 1: Log into the benefitfocus portal

Step 2: After logging in, click “Enroll Now!” on the home page 

Step 3: Click “Get Started

Step 4: If you will be adding dependents, Click “Add Dependent”, if not continue to Step 6

Step 5: Enter the dependent’s information and click Save

Step 6: Click Next

Step 7: Click Begin Enrollment

Step 8: Go through the steps to select all the plans you wish to enroll in, if you wish to decline, click “Decline Coverage

Step 9: Once you have completed and enrolled in or declined all desired coverage, click the box “I have reviewed the information above

Step 10: Click “Complete Enrollment

Step 11: Once you have enrolled, a window will appear with a confirmation number. You are also able to print and review your elections. At this step, the process is completed.

Note: If you wish to make any edits, you may do so in the benefitfocus portal within the 45 day enrollment window.