how to enter expenses. 

Expense Entry

All expenses should also be submitted on weekly basis. Complete the following steps to enter any applicable expenses. 

  1. Log into the Candidate Portal –
  2. If your placement has been set up to allow expenses, you will be able to enter expenses by clicking on the Expenses tab on your timesheet. 

Note: If the Expenses tab is not active on your timesheet, but you have expenses that require submittal, contact your recruiter at BCforward to discuss. 

  1. To enter expenses on your weekly timesheet, click Add Expense for the day(s) that require expense entry. 

  1. Select the expense rate type (Airfare, Meals, etc.) and enter the corresponding expense amount. Once done, click Add

  1. Repeat these steps, as necessary, for any additional expense Rate Types until all expenses are entered for the day. 

  1. To attach your expense receipts, click + next  to the attachments line under Related in the right panel of the Candidate Portal. 

  1. Select the attachment Type, and then click to select or drag and drop the file you wish to upload before adding the attachment name. 

Make sure that all necessary expense attachments have been added to ensure there is no delay in getting your expenses approved.