Time entry for CA resources in eRecruit. 

Time Entry Instructions for California Employees

Logging Into the Candidate Portal

  1. To log into the Candidate Portal, navigate to http://time.bcforward.com and enter your user ID and password. Once your user ID and password have been entered click, Log in

Entering Your Weekly Time

Your BCForward timesheet should be completed on a weekly basis and must match time submitted in the IQNavigator platform. 

  1. To enter your weekly time, click on the link that corresponds to the week for which you wish to enter time. 

  1. Once your weekly timesheet opens, click Add Time for any days you worked. 

  1. Enter the time you began and ended working each day and the appropriate rate code. 

  1. Enter the time you went to lunch. Ensure you use the “Rest and Meal Periods” for this period. 
    1. Click “Add

  1. In the drop-down box for Type, Select Meal
  2. Enter the start and end time of your meal break

  1. If you did not receive a meal period, select “Offered, Not Taken
    1. Select the reason a meal break was note taken:
      1. Meal – Voluntary Refusal
      2. Meal – Not Offered
      3. Meal – N/A shift less than 5 hours 

  1. Click “Add

Note: If you do not indicate either that a meal period was taken or not taken, the time sheet will now allow you to save hours for that day. 

As you enter time for the week, notice that the Total Hours for the timesheet will be updated. Your Total Hours minus any meal time taken should match your total hours in IQN.

Finalizing your Timesheet

  1. If you would like to include a note or message to the BCforward Support Team, use the Last Note function under the right panel of the Timesheet Portal to enter any notes.
  2. Once all of your time has been entered for the week, confirm it matches the entries made in IQNavigator. Click Submit to have your timesheet reviewed for approval. 

NOTE:  The following text will be displayed once you click the “Submit” button: “Are you sure you want to submit these hours?  By submitting these hours, the employee hereby certifies that the hours shown herein were worked by the employee during the period ending with the designated date, and were certified by an authorized representative of the Client Company.  Additionally, I affirm that I was offered and either took or voluntarily refused all rest periods required by applicable federal, state, and/or local law.  I further affirm that in the event I was not offered or was not permitted to take all rest periods required by applicable federal, state, and/or local law, I have contacted Resource Care staff to request remediation.” 

Please note that this is a legal affirmation that you have accurately entered all of your time for the week and that all rest periods were appropriately offered and taken or a ticket has been submitted to resource care if you were not able to take all your authorized rest breaks/periods.

  1. Finalize submission – click “Submit”