Attached are the Time Entry Instructions 

Work Instructions

Steps to complete

Step 1: Access

Step 2: Login 

Note: Your BCForward timesheet should be completed on a weekly basis and must match time submitted in the client platform (i.e. 

Step 3:  To enter your weekly time, click on the link that corresponds to the week for which you wish to enter time. 


Step 4: Once your weekly timesheet opens, click Add Time for any days you worked. 

Step 5: Add Hours

  1. For all CA employees your hour entry will look as follows: 
    1. Enter the start and end time of your shift, click Add 
    2. Repeat this for each day worked 

  1. For all other employees your hour entry will look as follows:
    1. Ensure the rate (i.e. regular hours) is correct. 
    2. Add the number of hours, click AddStep   

Step 6: After all hours have been entered for the week, click submit